Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miracles in Motion

What a great day! Many, many thanks to the Steven's family and volunteers for thier hard work to put this event together. Miss Nevada was in attendace along with our hometown favorite Archie from the Reno Aces. We had past champions as well as Katy and Paige running around Sparks Marina raising money and awareness for Chidrens Miracle Network. I know just from the people we spoke with as Katy and I walked the marina that the message is getting out. With 9 wacky stations to stop at and try different games it made the trip even more exciting. From ring toss to eating a donut without your hands to karate moves the stations were great fun. Our teenage daughter and her friends commented on how much fun that they all had which to me speaks for it's self. We get to take a short break for now and then off to Washington to meet the rest of the Champions. What an exciting trip this will be, all of us are counting the days and can't wait to get there.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Katy and paige spent the entire day on the course at Lakeridge Country Club helping raise awareness and money for the Renown Childrens Hospital here in Reno. Thanks to Costco for thier envolvement and support this is the 15th anuall tournement. We had great weather and alot of fun even though Dad's golf game isn't what it should be. The girls figured that a day at the country club is better than a day at school. I wonder where that kind of thinking comes from? All of the staff from Renown had them busy throughout the day running all over the course. Shari even had them driving carts at one point,thankfully there were curbs at the cart path to slow them down a little.
What a great day and an even better event to help our local chidrens hospital. We are so blessed and thankful that Renown is here that every event we can attend is something we all look foward to doing. We still have a couple more to do then off to Washington to meet the other Champions. What an amazing trip this will be for all of the kids.
Thanks Joel and Kiemmy and all the staff for a wonderful day see you Saturday morning.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kick off Day

What an amazing day we had. The morning was filled with the Walmart kickoff rally followed by a little shopping spree with Miss Nevada. For my two girls it doesn't get any better than this. A long lunch then off to the ball park to help thank our very own Renown Childrens Hospital. With out their help and amazing NICU we wouldn't have our Champions here today. Thanks to everyone for such an amazing day. Katy and Paige are still talking about it and sleeping with their signed game balls.