Friday, June 11, 2010

The bus ride home from the ball park

We are tired and on our way back to the hotel. Thank you National's for having us. It was first pro baseball game. We had a great time!!!!

The Children's Miracle Network Staff

We cannot thank you enough for making this such a special trip for our family. You all are such caring people and let your love shine through in all that you do for these kids, you not only made our twins feel like true champions, you made their sisters feel special too. If we lived closer, we would have you over for Sunday dinner. I feel like we have known you forever and you will always be part of our family. Please know that what you do deeply touches our hearts. We can't wait to see you in Orlando!!!!!

The top photo is anxiously waiting to get into the White House. President Obama visiting with the kids. As a parent it makes you feel so proud of your child and what they have overcome. It would not have been possible without the support of Children's Miracle Network and their support in helping children all over the country. We are very blessed.

Visit with Congressman Dean Heller

We had a special visit on our last day in D.C. with Congressman Dean Heller. It was an awesome visit, what a nice man who really cares about children and their health care issues. We felt right at home in his office (note the health care bills on the table, vol 1, 2 and 3 all different volumes). Contact your congressman to give your opinion on the different issues. Thank you for having us!!!!

Capitol Hill Luncheon

We had a great time at the Capitol Hill Luncheon, we made all kinds of new friends there too!!!!

We woke up the first morning and were greeted with smiles and open arms for hugs from the CMN staff and Wal Mart staff. We were treated to breakfast at ESPN Zone and games galore. Screech showed up from the Nationals and Mark Wills sang for us. Katy wanted to know if he was a rock star!!!! Miss America sang for us also, mom shed a few tears during those songs. We were honored to be surrounded by so many amazing families and wonderful children.

First night in D.C.

We arrive to a crowd at the airport and our name being announced. It was amazing. The CMN and Wal Mart staff greeted us and treated like we were royalty. What great people they are, so loving and really are passionate about what they do. They were thanking us for being there, when I should be thanking them, because of what they do I get to enjoy my precious twins everyday and their beautiful smiles. The twins thought we were staying in a palace and they were royalty. That is the way we felt, really special.